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Sunday, October 29, 2006



I have a really cool picture of my 4 year old son staring wistfully at a Lichtenstein picture. I also enjoyed your piece at 'Dark Trees about the "doyen". We lack access to art here in Idaho. However, I did really enjoy a showing at BAM on the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Try Organic Milk. I won't buy anything else. Also, check out some of the new New Zealand white wines I find them to be quite "Sassy".

BTW- your comments page is down on 'Dark Trees.

Good to here from you and thank you for the link. Check out the radio network I am working on by clciking on the live stream:

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For art we have to describe what this quote means and we need some help. any ideas?

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Notice the thick lines, bold colors, and thought bubble. His work also often included boxed captions and words such as "WHAAM!", commonly found in comic books.

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Yay!! They look awesome. I love how you framed them up. I'll have to do some on paper.

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Incidentally it was on the door side and I was standing right by the door. It took good 5 minutes before we managed to shift bodies enough for doors to open. A lot of fun!


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James, NY

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Yay!! They look awesome. I love how you framed them up. I'll have to do some on paper.

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Really they are looking awesome..... I'm also a big fan of there singing style. Thanks for sharing this post.

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Oh, an entire year of A Finger in Every Pie. Congratulations on your blogaversary. Really, it feels like you've been blogging for years. I enjoy your beautiful writing and your scrumptious recipes.

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Waiting for your work. Photoshop have many filters but I don't know how to use them.


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