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Saturday, September 23, 2006



Now that you have the link, did you read Carroll's post? Let's debate his thesis. Not all corruption, but “most serious political corruption is an urban problem. And a Democrat problem.” We were not claiming, nor did Carroll’s post imply political corruption is strictly limited to Democrats - Bid Rig well remembered, written about on our blog and understood.

But as Carroll explains in his post, political corruption is most prevalent and most costly when tax dollars flow in the opposite direction from those who pay those dollars. As you well know, the majority of tax dollars in our state flow to the urban areas controlled by Democrats and to their constituents.

As Carroll further states in his post, “Eliminating “corruption” – defined as employing the mechanisms of government to benefit oneself, one’s friends, or one’s constituency at the expense of others –requires responsibility. If the consequences of bad electoral choices can be foisted off on others, what incentive exists for the voters to care?”

Sharpe James is a good example. Had he not used a credit card for this “farewell” trips it might very well have been legal, but, at least in our view, an ethical use of those dollars. As it turns out he may be in legal hot water because he used a police department credit card. Do you think in James’ 20 years as mayor this is the only “theft” of tax dollars, legal and illegal he’s responsible for? The same with Bryant and all those currently under federal investigation, plus the 97 federal convictions Christie has under belt in just the past four years. McGreevey is one who got away, but he’s not the only one.

That was the point of our post - voters continue to elect unethical politicians who clearly are stealing the state’s taxpayers blind because they have no incentive to stop, and in many cases large financial incentives to continue to vote for these spandrels.

Why, by the way, did you jump to the conclusion that we made up the quotes we cited from Carroll’s post? The post was and remains his most recent and not hard to find on his blog. He apparently had a typo in his post title “Political Pirates”, corrected the mistake, which caused the URL to change, thus the broken link. That’s why the error page reads “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

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