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Friday, July 15, 2005



Nice pictures.

Once you get out of the brown blighted areas, New Jersey is really a very picturesque place. You should do less pictures of the shore though, and explore the interior - especially the small towns in the Northwest and Southwest corners of the state. Its small town America at its finest.

Now, if only they would get their crazy politics fixed (and recognize the second amendment) I could get out of the DC area and move back (I live in Virginia which has better politics but no small town feel)


Tall cotton, there, bro.


Confusion abounds. Berger is cooperating in an investigation of himself? That doesn't make sense. Is there a bigger fish to fry?

TPB, Esq.

No, I suspect he's telling them what he took, how he took it, how he got past security, and how his misconduct can be avoided in the future. While it's not inconceivable that Berger can flip someone bigger than him, I'm not sure USDOJ wants to go down that road again.

Tom T.

As a small nitpick, please note that, according to the signature block on the DOJ motion, the case is being prosecuted by the Public Integrity section of the Criminal Division. There may be counter-intel attorneys involved, but they don't appear to be the actual prosecution team.


congrat, and really, from the bottom of my black little heart - congrats and let me just say, baby needs milk.


congrats, and really, from the bottom of my black little heart - let me be the first to say, baby needs milk.


Item 7 of the stipulated facts in the bergerproffer.pdf says the 9/11 commission "received copies of EACH document." Does EACH mean each of the five stolen? In which case Berger is really an idiot. Or does it mean each of the two remaining after he got done chopping? In which case it's pretty clear what he was up to.

TPB, Esq.

Tom, check out page three of the proffer. The top name for the Dept. of Justice is John Dion, Counterintelligence Division Chief, then Noel Hillman of the Public Integrity Division.

When I was in law school, I studied professional ethics from one of the Public Integrity Division trial attorneys, an incredibly fun, wild guy (who used to take part in undercover investigations) who explained that Public Integrity gets involved basically when government lawyers or high powered lawyers are being investigated.

PBSwatcher, I have no idea which documents are being referenced. The government and the defendant have done a good job of not describing the documents in question, and I'm pretty glad they did. I don't want to violate the National Security Act by looking at a case docket.

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