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Sunday, July 03, 2005



that's a great story. i love how americans have a great story to make themselves americans - other people are just 'born' it, usually!

TPB, Esq.

Well, that's all we've got. In Europe, there are the noble families, etc., that have that history of being "landed" or knighted. Here, we've just got our back stories to keep us going.


I have to say, nobody can bring out the beauty of New Jersey as well as you!

I was down in Princeton for a barbecue with friends on Monday.


It's good to hear from another local :-)

TPB, Esq.

Thanks, Jeff. I dig your site. You've got a great eye.

Teahouse Blossom, Princeton's a great place, but, for reasons I don't understand, there's no direct way to get there from the coast where I live. I rarely get out to there or the great northwestern regions like Morristown and Washington's Headquarters for that reason.

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