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Sunday, March 06, 2005



Primorously written story about my favourite photographer. Keep this up.


primorously? now you are just making things up.

good work, todd & justin.

TPB, Esq.

Primorously is a perfectly cromulent word. ;-)

Thanks, Ian. Really, though, it's all Justin, not me.


thanks for the great article... keep it up!!!

TPB, Esq.

Thanks, David. Glad to see another NJ photoblogger out there.


Excellent interview. Very well presented. I look forward to seeing more.

TPB, Esq.


Thanks so much for the kind words, I greatly appreciate it. I
hope to do more (perhaps even one a month, if work allows). By
the way, loved the portrait over on two-muses. (Glad to see
you're another Holga fan.) (Psst. Everyone else, look here: ;-)


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