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Sunday, February 13, 2005



When I was around 12 or 13 Christo decided to hang a curtain over a canyon gap near Rifle, CO. It was fought tooth-and-nail but it went up and stayed up for a few hours before the wind tore it to pieces. All involved pro & con made serious jackasses of themselves during the process.

For years my pals and I would see "art" and say "Oh yeah, that's so good Christo must have done it!"


I was just remembering, almost completely unrelated, in the Movie the Truman Show how the director is supposed to be this artistic genious named Christoff. I thought that whole good-intentioned genious artist thing was a cool role.


How long are the Gates supposed to stay up?

Christo and his wife were interviewed on GMA the other morning, and well, I don't know if eccentric is quite the right word to describe the duo.

Anyway, I'm looking foward to your photographs.


we went on saturday to see them - they are giant orange shower curtains.

TPB, Esq.

Yasmin, they're supposed to stay up until 2/25/05.

TPB, Esq.

Mark, Christof is a great character. I like that he wants desperately to be a "benevolent god," but cannot get over the notion of the loss of control over his subject. The Truman Show remains one of my favorite movies. Someday, I need to go down to Seaside, Florida, the planned community where the movie was filmed.

TPB, Esq.

Similarly, in College, I did my own version of "art" akin to Christo's: I donated a bit of wet toilet paper and white paint to the base of a golden statue of an eagle outside the Alumni Stadium.


Hmmm... Im a fledging Christo myself.. I used to hurdle toiletpaper and my friends house on haloween. Why? Hey man... its my art.

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