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Monday, January 10, 2005



yes, i know it is narcissistic in a way. but it's a bit harsh to assume all bloggers are out there thinking their posts are masterpieces...i'm sure for me, most of the fun is just to 'chat' with other bloggers. i had no idea this was the reason why you quit writing your funny stories. so what if they aren't all pulitzer prize winning material? it was fun for us to read and fun for you to write. as long as it didn't give anyone delusions of grandeur, what's the harm?

TPB, Esq.

I had no problem with the idea of writing those stories, although I did have a problem with the amount of my "life" time the process took. I also disliked the constant desire to "publish, publish, publish" that Biz Stone mentioned in the article I used in "On How To Start A Winning Blog." It's a sensibility that seems to say that one cannot bear to be in silence on occasion.

Don't get me wrong; there are many that do it just for the enjoyment value. Whether it be for chatting or for learning how to take pictures, that sensibility is a lot more reasonable than the grandeur of "How to Start a Winning Blog." And, well, for those that use blogging for academic or business promotional purposes, there's a good reason to keep doing so.

The harm, though, for the remainder, is that they do something that is counterproductive to living... to actually doing something, all because they see the blogging process as a substitute form of living. It's not Icararus I'm worried about; it's the lotus eaters.

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