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Wednesday, December 01, 2004



I just switched to TypePad from Radio Userland and I'm happy with it so far. It does annoy me that the default settings for inserting a picture always assume that you want to post a thumbnail. Also, I generally use Safari as a web browser and not all of the features are available. I use Firefox when I want to post something.

TPB, Esq.

I just find it annoying that the sizing and orientation options for pictures are so limited. Or that you can adjust indentation options, but can't really set a block quote format. Or center. Or recognize carriage returns properly.


There is ecto the blogging tool which is what I use.

It let's you control images far more precisely. But you should know that ecto works far better on a Mac than the pc.

Bill Day

Have you tried writing to SixApart to ask them to address the problem?

I like the photos, but I miss the writing.

TPB, Esq.

SixApart's attitude is that this is the "new and improved" Typepad, and that its what users have been looking for. Perhaps that's the case, but I'm not fond of the set-up.

Ecto seems to disagree with Norton's Internet Security on Windows machines. Or at least on my Windows machine.

Bill, sorry to hear that you miss the writing. I may go back to that someday, but I needed a break.

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