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Friday, October 15, 2004



Are you going to post up images from the show? I'd really like to see them... I like the b&w photo of the student, too -- really nice...


How can I live without seeing the Japanese man in his tease!

So, what does your tattoo say? ;-)

I thought of getting one--on the small of my back, like Scully from the "Bad Betty" episode of the X-Files. Since I don't have Mulder to impress, well, shit, what's the point?

Be well! Rachel

TPB, Esq.

Bob, you're definitely getting some of the images from the show, but only the rated PG and G ones. The ones that are R and, um, NC-17 are probably for another time. Rachel, I don't actually have a tattoo. I always wanted one, but could never figure out what to get. If you'd really like to see the Japanese man in the thong, I'll be happy to send him over. I mean, I'll be be happy to send the picture of him over.

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