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Wednesday, September 29, 2004



Looking at this picture, I am amused by how many people are ignoring the ball players because I loathe the great American pastime. I grew up on hockey and football, and I just don't understand the appeal of a slow, drawn out baseball game. I like that the boy is facing his father--it's what family time is all about...


~i am a complete seamhead, baseball freak, so this appealed to me right off the bat (no pun intended, lol); interesting and eye-catching 'tweak' w/ the focus/effect~

TPB, Esq.

Like Btezra, I'm a huge baseball fan, especially around this time of year (please, please, please, Yankees, please don't blow it). Football is a great and wonderful thing, too, though. Esp. college football. I like the disorder of it.

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