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Friday, June 11, 2004


James R. Rummel

"Both scared the hell out of me."

There's a great scene at the end of the film "The Lion in Winter". The king and queen are in the dungeons, having a moment of reflection.

"They're all around us, even now. You can see their eyes shining in the firelight."

The king stares at her for a moment, and then says "And so they can see ours."

I figure that some cultists have more to worry about from me than I do from them, at least if they want to become violent. If they want to be peaceful and polite then I'm just passing through.



dude, you have some balls. if i would've jaunted in there unaccompanied at all is debatable (i am, at heart, a city girl whose guard is always up for something terrible to happen right around the corner), but the fact that after seeing the scary "offerings" you still stayed a while... well, that's just crazy. : )



that is REALLY spooky. but i don't think it would have been santaria - don't they offer up the blood from a dying donkey or chicken or something like that? i speak not from personal experience but from my teacher's - she is a travel writer and she went to cuba to witness such an event.


Hi, your description of the ruins is dead-on, and as of about a month ago (Sept. 2005) the candles are still there.

A minor point though, these ruins are from the Zabriskie Cliff Dale estate. The Ringling estate was a couple of miles north, and there's not much left of that one but a couple of half-buried foundations and a stone bridge.

There are some more photos at this link , if anybody's interested.


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