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Monday, June 07, 2004



well, of course.


Book Slut has an ad for Powell's in Portland.

All hail Book Slut!

But seen reading what? One of those "Bergdorf Blonde" books? And what's the deal with all these books with the cutesey-poo covers that look like something left over from "Down with Love?"

Sit on the bus and read "I the Jury" and let me know who picks you up. Them two-fisted dames with a potty mouth are a world o' fun let me tell ya.


From someone who makes a living at it - don't believe the hype! Although having said that, depending on the title, it might have the "desired" effect on me. It certainly wouldn't hurt a guy's chances...

Not much chance to test it out though because I am generally surrounded by a bunch overgrown Japanese school boys disguised as men, reading pornographic comics a la Lost in Translation.


I haven't read an article from the Guardian yet that isn't complete horseshit.

TPB, Esq.

Please, don't disturb my delusion.

If I keep believing, it won't be false.

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