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Wednesday, May 12, 2004



My god, you're achingly funny. Please, write more!!!


Son, it's time you quit thinkin' of us as the "Great Damp Redoubt." This week our burbs have tussled with wildcats, cougars, and a bear.

Sadly the bear died. He was shot fleeing the scene.(WA state laws says you can shoot it just the second it wanders onto your lot.) It seem she'd decided to snack on somebody's miniature pet goat.the goat's woners blamed the people who keep feeding the bears.

Were you looking at the Mossberg with the stainless stell finish?

I like that one.

Did I mention those same burbs are dealing with a wave of Earth Liberation Front based arson?

Anything at your meeting about relocating them?


Did you ever come across that gang of turkey buzzards that hangs out on the Lucent proerty? They have such a menacing look about them, it makes me feel like I must slow the car down in order to get by them without attracting unwanted attention.

Parkway Rest Stop

This is priceless!


My best laugh today. Thank you!


I've been living with flying squirrels in the attic of my ancient house in Tennent for years. Everytime I try to talk to one of the rangers from Battleground State Park about dealing with them, they look at me like I'm nuts.
Had to chase one around the house on Christmas night two years ago. They're not as destructive as their earthbound kin, but they do make a mess. Cute little buggers, though.


WWhere I live, a slightly suburban but quite chic Tokyo district, I find the main pests and menaces, are the septuagenarians and octogenarians themselves. For example, the other day at 6:30 am I found one, lacking teeth but complete with hearing aid, rummaging around the garbage area, apparently "sorting stuff" out. She took great umbrage at me trying to dump my burnables, screaming something like "you don't live here". Not sure if she thought I'd brought my garbage all the way over from Scotland or whether she was referring to the apartment block.

Love this post, who would have thought land use could have been that funny.

TPB, Esq.

Land use is always funny. That's why lawyers have substance abuse problems.

Suzette, the turkey buzzards at Lucent are just the liquidation agents leering hungrily at the Aeron chairs and flat panel TV's that company gave all of its R&D boys back in the day. They'll be done with the place soon enough.

The Great Damp Redoubt. There's so many directions to go with this one, and not a single one is for polite company. Damn.


Oh my. hehehh

Scott Jensen

I've been to meetings much like this. And it's not just the elderly. But so many people get caught in the headlights. They can't think of the big picture. I'm afraid I'm on my way to one of these meetings tonight.
What a great laugh. Thank you!


oh my goodness. i have never been to such meetings - it seems like i have been missing out all the action! it is simply hilarious!


Wonderful post. I never thought a lawyer could teach me anything but writing, but I guess I was wrong.


That is hysterical! Thanks for the great laugh!


Very funny! The Moleskine comes through again!
Glad you re-enabled comments.


As I sit on my deck, with my husband, dog and a drink, and watch 4 deer take their nightly meander across our lower yard - I laugh out loud again remembering this entry and I wonder if I have counted the flying squirrels - or bluebirds in my yard - wait - did they discuss ragweed? I mean some of us have allergies!!! Perhaps global paving!
Thanks for the laugh!

Stormy Dragon

Minor nit:

They're called Canada geese, not Canadian geese. They're not named after the country; they're named after ornithologist John Canada.


You think having turkey vultures leering at you from an electronics company is bad?

Ours hang out at the hospital, frequently circling menacingly in groups of 2-3 above it. I've considered lobbying to get this commercially produced as a postcard. (The hospital is right next to a canyon, making it the Bird of Prey social club.)

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