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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Neo Tokyo Times

I use winfax to send faxes, and it's fine. the only things I've ever needed to fax were documents I had saved to my hard drive, and I could easily print/fax them.

I do own a fax/scanner/inkjet combo printer, and it's a good solution too. I just keep it unplugged until that rare (one) time I need to use it.


We just run down to officemaxofficedepot/staples or pop in at somebody's office. However, if I had the money right now, I'd buy a home scanner/printer/copier/fax. They're not that expensive, replace multitudes of home office junk, and are now reliable enough to successfully replace all those individual pieces. HP makes some particularly fine, inexpensive-ish ones.


We have a 4 year old HP print/scan/copy/fax and it does em all pretty well. I'm sure it's better and cheaper now.


We have a 4 year old HP print/scan/copy/fax and it does em all pretty well. I'm sure it's better and cheaper now.

Jonathan Cohn

Windows xp and previous versions have built in fax software that works just fine. I use it every day to send and receive faxes from my laptop. When I am not at work I unplug my laptop and plug a faxbox into my faxline. This box stores incoming faxes in memory until I hook my laptop up in the morning. Try windows native fax software first.


TPB, Esq.

I've not had luck with the MS native fax software. So far only Fax Tools eXPert has been successful. My complaint with the actual physical fax isn't so much the object's cost as it is the physical space taken up by the fax. I hate having another damn appliance sitting on or near my desk. Having a photo scanner, printer, sound system, and DishTV system is more than enough.



Though dated, physical fax machines are by far the cheapest way to go. They save you time and energy, and most with a telephone/fax auto switch are under $100 - which is cheaper then you would pay with any subscription. Mailboxes etc., etc. make a killing off their physical faxes. $2 per page. I don't know why they would make a web based version when they make so much more off the people who go there. No one would pay that over the web.

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