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Sunday, April 18, 2004



It's the Salad Bowl of the World, if memory serves.

Week before last we were at the Monterey Aquarium. There's several photos and a bronze bust of Ed Ricketts. Prof. Ricketts is better known as Doc of Tortilla Flats fame and the basis of Nick Nolte's character in Cannery Row.

Ummmm... your comments are back after a spam storm. Did you get an apology note from your spammer too?

Mine turned out to be a regular reader.

Go fig.



never have i felt so relieved - i hate being gagged. i may just leave oodles and oodles of comments just for the sake of it.


Lived in Salinas for two years. It was a nice place and there was a lot to do, but I never thought the Steinbeck Museum lived up to its potential. Maybe they've finally fixed it.

TPB, Esq.

Ricketts was a badass. His knowledge of science mixed in well with his rough and tumble lifestyle. He died, unfortunately, far too young in an auto accident.

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