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Wednesday, March 17, 2004



those are great photos. i really like the one inside the cloisters. i may even try to find that restaurant in new jersey some day!

the 'strangers' thing reminds me of a series of photographs that were taken by a (famous but cannot remember his name) photographer in the streets of new york. they were black and white too, but they were taken unbeknownst to the subjects themselves. the subject would trigger the camera when they walked over a specially placed trigger on the pavement! very interesting closeups of people going about their lives...

The Prop

I can only assume that these digital copies are a pale shadow of the real prints. An 8x10 camera can capture huge amounts of detail when properly used. An 8x10 print can be made by direct contact, you don't even need a projector! Weegee used the old SpeedGraphic 4x5. The Deardorf could capture 4 times the detail of that.

Of course, format isn't everything. Cartier-Bresson worked with one of the earliest 35 mm cameras to great effect.

TPB, Esq.

Yeah, format isn't everything, but I love toys.

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