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Thursday, February 19, 2004



congrats ;)


Congrats - but really - do yourself a favor and go sample some Daresbury's gin.


sorry. the "drink of the day" board is metal but the place is so dark i need the flash which, of course, makes a flash back. i try to take the photos off to the side (hence the weird angle) to eliminate this as much as possible because straight on is just one big flash.

and, if the fresh mint comes in with the food order tomorrow, tomorrow night will be mojito night! i was gonna' name it the "unbillable merengue" (because you told me a few of them would make you merengue) but now you've got me thinking i should some how work hemingway in to it.



Wow. I'm going to raise a glass in your honor tonight -- right now in fact. Here's looking at you, kiddo.


I love me some bombay and tonic. My fave. Clear even. Stanley Bing raises his glass to it.

Geck--oops. Jonathon


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