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Sunday, January 04, 2004



This film doesn't travel well. I was in LA when it came out a couple of years ago. The SoCal press just fell all over themselves praising it to the hilt. By the time it made its way here to Seattle the local critics said, "Of all the movies ever made this is certainly one of them."

And for the 45 minutes I saw on a pay channel - it was OK.


it was hilarious. but why did you buy it?!


Yeah, I haven't seen Y Tu Mama, but I've heard much of the same about it. I'm not into movies in which sex is portrayed clinically. There has to be some romance involved; otherwise it's like 2 animals.


..or in the case of Y Tu Mama, 3 animals.

TPB, Esq.

In my case, J-A, I bought it because Flounder, my little brother, asked for it. He's a Romance Languages student (allegedly), and he is big into Mexican and South American film.

Lotus, you're too quick. You stole my joke. :-)

Pops, Y Tu Mama was big in NYC (which may mean that we had the same release date as LA, as is often the case; which brings me to point two... I MUST SEE BIG FISH). If it doesn't travel well, it travels strangely.


big fish was a really funny book, but i wonder how it will translate into film.


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The movie is basically cliche. There are a few lines, and a few shots of rural Mexico, that interested me, but only a few.

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