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Wednesday, June 22, 2005



Yes bildbevis is Swedish for Image Evidence. So it is indeed Scandinavian.

"They used to have Saabs, but we took that over."
We used to have Volvos as well - but you took that too. =)

Now all we got left in the car-business is

"Normally, I don't know if that would work, but I think that the balanced emptiness gives this shot something clinical."

Yeah I know - been really tired my self and by the time I got the pictures ready to post i really didn’t think that much about the cropping - the sky is really just dull white because of the fog - and as you say - It makes the images look really quiet and empty. (It WAS)

Thanks for commenting my images! Keep up the good work!
/Zombie - Fredrik -

TPB, Esq.

Zombie, it's a great shot. It made me think of Conrad's description of going up the river in Heart of Darkness.

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